Saturday, 2 June 2012

Elora, Ontario

Okay so I know I have something brewing, and I do, I just needed out of the city. Every once and awhile the city is overwhelming for me and that's why I like to take the car and find somewhere to go. The place this time? Elora, Ontario. I had never been there before but I printed out my Google maps directions and was on my way.

I had a wonderful time and it was well worth it. Walking in a quaint town, chatting with the shop keepers, a bit of hiking and getting a handful of mud while I slid down a slope while this older man I just met on the path watched me. Here are some of my pics. P.S. I am no photographer.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Today's pic

I know it's been way too long. I have been working on some stuff however most of my things have been repeats so I haven't been blogging them. I do have something brewing after I saw a pin this morning.

To hold you over I have a photo that I took while I was walking on my street today. I live down the street from this ice cream shop called Dutch Dreams which has fantastic ice cream. So fantastic that on any hot day people will line up like you wouldn't imagine, just for ice cream. I've always wanted to take a picture because it's hard to believe and everyone back home thinks I'm embellishing. I'm not sure about the laws of photographing strangers so I have yet to do this. (If you know more about this please comment and let me know). Instead of capturing the line of people I captured what I like to call, an ice cream tragedy.

I used Instagram to heighten the colours but here it is.  Someone's tasty treat, melting in the most glorious way.

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with joy and laughter.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

To Infinity and Beyond!

I finally finished was only a bit of hand stitching but that always takes me the longest. I dunno why. Well here its is! I used this video to help me do my first basic scarf. I plan on using Pintrest to help me get creative with my next scarves. I will be making more of these since I have my goal of making all of my Christmas gifts. I'm also planning on making some as gifts for the teachers I will be saying goodbye to when I move back home.  I used scraps from my Melissa Etheridge quilt I decided not to measure the length of the material which means it's pretty long and I can wrap it around three times. It's still cute!
My scraps!!

I love flowers and I love yellow!

Lets get pinning! No, not on Pintrest! Don't forget to leave and opening to pull your scarf through later.

You see, it's super long. There is a little opening, I promise!

Me trying to keep the seams lined up as a pull one side over the other.

It's kinda fun!
Once you're done pulling the one side over and the seams are inline sew the two ends together.

Me pulling the ends over. 
Finish it with a blind stitch. Please don't ask me about this because I have no clue. If you know of a goo tutorial PLEASE let me know! 

I hope you like your unique, customized scarf!

Monday, 14 May 2012

My first quilt ever!

I know I have another quilt on here but this is actually my first quilt EVER! I had never really sewed in my life except for one pillow case I did when I was in high school. It was right around Christmas time when I decided I wanted to sew and I wanted to make quilts. I think it was all of the YouTube videos from the Missouri Quilt Co. that I was watching. I used YouTube to help me learn how to cut my fabric too. For the binding I used a link I found on Pintrest.

 On a trip state side with my mom I bought my fabric, cutting matt and rotary cutter at JoANN before I even had a sewing machine. They didn't have the one I wanted at Wal-Mart in Windsor or at JoANN so I was lucky to find my $70 sewing machine at Target. I washed the fabric at my moms and when I got home I started cutting an sewing. I used some random math I feel like I made up on the sport and just figured it out...somehow.


Not the best picture but I took it for my mom before this blog even existed. This part was done forever, I was just afraid of binding.

It's by no means perfect (the corners on the binding) but it's mine!

I hope that my friend and her little munchkin like it when I give it to her little one this Christmas.

I don't think it's too bad for my first quilt, with no classes and only internet tutorials to help me.

Hope you have a great day filled with inspiration and love.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Shrinky Dinks Pins - Mother's Day

As a teacher I know that it's always tough to think of something new and exciting to have your kids make for Mother's Day. This year I got the idea of using ShrinkyDinks to create a gift for the mothers of my students. I apologize right now for the lack of step by step pictures. I just get into something and forget that I should take pictures.

I used an extra large craft punch to cut out the ShrinkyDinks. I also used it to punch out the same shape from regular paper for my students to practice on. Once they were satisfied with their drawing I allowed them to use fine point Sharpies to draw their picture on the ShrinkyDinks.  Since I teach Kindergarten, I went over plenty of times not to push hard (the colour will intensify once it's baked), and about how if they get on our clothes they will not come off. 

Once my students were finished it was time to bake! I used some parchment paper and baby powder to make sure they didn't stick and just followed the instructions. Except for one'll see!

Oh yeah, I also had them write their names and the year on the back so that it could be kept as a keepsake.

I thought I'd save time and cook them all together but they seemed to have different cooking times so I had to take them out and put them back in the oven just a few at a time. 

With a little extra time they turned out perfect!

I used Weldbond to glue the pin backing (found in the jewelry section at Micheals) on  and let them cure for 24hours. 

It's kid of hard taking your own picture so I apologize.

Anyways, what mother would not love to wear her kid's art?

Hope your having an amazing day!

- Jocelyne

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Trip to Toronto Island with Mom

Here are a few pics I took using instagram while visiting Toronto Island with mom. This was her last visit to Toront before I move back in with her in Windsor. I missed her so much that after my three years here, it's time to go home.

No shortage of lifejackets here, on the ferry!

I love me some flowers

Isn't nature amazing?

I liked the reflection of the trees on the water and I liked the pillars in the railing. This is what I got! 

We felt like we had the island to ourselves.

Time to guess which animal left these prints.

And these?

Like gold on the water.

We saw so many amazing trees but i had to take a picture of this one. 

Look at the bark.

Someone please explain this game to me.

Pay phone in the middle of nowhere!

A little free trade post on Algonquin Island. 

Entrance to a tree covered walk way.

Covered walk way.

It's fun to dream!

The city form the island.


and dreaming...

still dreaming...

Island art

A cat whose owner had to show him the way off the roof.


God really was the first artist.

Me and a peacock!!

I was able to snap this pic of it's feathers!!

Have a creative and fun day!